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The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpet Maintenance... did you yell in excitement? Lets face it, mention carpet cleaning and it doesn't set the world on fire for most folks.

What if I could introduce you to carpet maintenance outcomes that would put money directly back on the bottom line? That would at least raise a certain level of excitement!

Take an average company employing 20 staff. The cost of carpet replacement is approximately $56,000 If you replace the carpet every 5 years that's a cost of $110,000 in that 5 years. Our carpet maintenance approach has the potential to save you a minimum of 30% of that cost. Who in your business has delivered a 30% cost saving lately?

Our carpet maintenance approach could win you sustainability brownie points with your own clients. It can reduce the cost of absenteeism to your company. Now you  are talking about impressing your CEO, your General Manager, your HR Manager, your Corporate Responsibility Manager, to name just a few.

So if you hadn't thought  of carpet cleaning being worth 20 minutes of your time, how about it? Maybe a fresh new look at it with someone like us who knows our  underlays from our underwear, could help you save money, improve the health of your employees, and achieve your sustainability goals.


How ENVIRO helps your staff and pupils by cleaning your schools carpet.


We are New Zealands leading provider of specialist cleaning and restoration services to aged care facilities.


Keep your premises well maintained with minimum disruption to your guests and staff.


Individually designed National or Local maintenance packages for all in the Government Sector


ENVIRO is available 24 hours 7 Days so you can schedule your building maintenance round your business hours


ENVIRO has the industry's best-trained project managers, and technicians are on call 24 hours a day, every day with a Nationwide service


Whether it's for general carpet cleaning or you have just found out your last tennant had a Meth Lab - ENVIRO can help


All our technicians are experienced in trauma scene abatement, containment, deodorisation, and disposal of potentially infectious materials to IICRC S500 Standard

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