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Assessors/Loss Adjustors

The Enviro fleet of multipurpose emergency vehicles is equipped with the latest communication equipment, emergency lighting, generators and board up materials. We also maintain the largest inventory of drying equipment in New Zealand for residential, commercial or industrial losses, all of these resources are critical to minimize business interruption and maintain business continuity.

At Enviro we understand that time is money and coordinating and maintaining your claims portfolio is no easy task. If you are responsible for claims management we are able to meet that challenge by providing a national network of highly qualified technicians.

 Enviro Clean & Restoration will:

  • Assess the damage and take immediate steps to contain it
  • Identify and set priorities for necessary repairs
  • Residential - make the family "whole" as quickly as possible
  • Commercial - reduce business interruption and restore productivity
  • Establish the scope of damage and determine the budget for successful restoration
  • Determine which specialty services are appropriate for the loss
  • Consult with you and your insurance company to ensure a speedy settlement that is mutually agreed upon
  • Co-ordinate plans for total restoration


At Enviro Clean we believe that restoration should be the first option before replacement.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Water Restoration

Mould Removal

BioHazard Decontamination

P Lab/Meth Lab Decontamination


A large database and storage facility for data warehousing provided by ENVIRO gives the company the power to analyse and store a wide range information. Other restoration companies can’t provide consolidated management reporting!


The ENVIRO technology centre is design to provide you with the latest information regarding technology in the market place.


Restoring a facility that has been damaged by fire, water, smoke, odour and corrosion, in either a singular or community wide disaster requires proper emergency response

Enviro is recognised nationally as the leader in providing maintenance and insurance restoration services. Enviro services nearly every fire and general insurance company in New Zealand .
One of the most significant differences with Enviro is our pricing strategy. We have set prices for the activities we perform, whether it be measured in hours, days or square metres.
To provide better service to their insured, many insurance companies are looking for creative solutions involving the around-the-clock availability...
As a claims professional, the rule is: "Restore whenever possible, replace only when necessary." Yet you’ve probably had the experience of being charged for restoring an item that must be replaced...