What NOT To Do if Your Property has Been Flooded

Has Your Property Flooded? Heres What NOT to Do

Water damage can be devastating for homeowners. It’s important to quickly assess the situation by identifying the kinds of water damage and then taking the appropriate measures to fix it.

While it’s important to be proactive, there are some actions you should avoid.

Don’t Wait

Time is not on your side when it comes to water damage. In as little as 24 hours, minor leaks can grow into serious problems such as structural damage. As soon as you become aware of the problem, make the call to a professional water damage repair company.

Don’t try to lift wet Materials Alone

You may be tempted to clean up as much as you can before seeking professional help. To minimise injury, do not attempt to lift wet materials, as they can be very heavy and could cause injury.  It’s best to leave clean up to the professionals who have the appropriate gear.

Don’t use any Electrical Appliances

Using electrical appliances are completely unsafe near the affected areas – and should be avoided completely to avoid electrocution.

Don’t Attempt to Fix it Yourself

While you can treat minor water damage (assess your water damage levels here) alone with the right equipment, it’s critical that you don’t attempt to clean any water damage above Category 2. This could cause harm to you and your families health.

In conclusion, to ensure your own safety, and to minimise worsening the water damage it is best to avoid DIY jobs – and to call the professionals as soon as possible.

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