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Carpet Maintenance… did you yell in excitement? Lets face it, mention carpet cleaning and it doesn’t set the world on fire for most folks.

What if I could introduce you to carpet maintenance outcomes that would put money directly back on the bottom line? That would at least raise a certain level of excitement!

Take an average company employing 20 staff. The cost of carpet replacement is approximately $56,000 If you replace the carpet every 5 years that’s a cost of $110,000 in that 5 years. Our carpet maintenance approach has the potential to save you a minimum of 30% of that cost. Who in your business has delivered a 30% cost saving lately?

Our carpet maintenance approach could win you sustainability brownie points with your own clients. It can reduce the cost of absenteeism to your company. Now you are talking about impressing your CEO, your General Manager, your HR Manager, your Corporate Responsibility Manager, to name just a few.

So if you hadn’t thought of carpet cleaning being worth 20 minutes of your time, how about it? Maybe a fresh new look at it with someone like us who knows our underlays from our underwear, could help you save money, improve the health of your employees, and achieve your sustainability goals.

Carpet, Hard Flooring, Vinyl & Upholstery Cleaning

The method we use at ENVIRO is called ‘Hot Water Extraction’ and it is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fibre producers recommend. This is the only method classified as ‘deep cleaning’. All other methods are considered ‘light surface cleaning’.

The choice of proper carpet cleaning technology using hot water technology via a truck mounted machine is extremely important. Other methods can damage the fibres and shorten the life of the carpet. Some systems also leave residues that promote re-soiling and defeat the purpose of cleaning the carpet.

From a health standpoint, the truck mounted system is advisable because the dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside rather than recirculated inside.

We take the same serious approach to our upholstery cleaning, vinyl and hard floor cleaning using the best technology and international practice.

Water/Flood Restoration

With ENVIRO’S commercial dehumidifiers and structural drying equipment we have the power and capability of removing all water and moisture from carpet, plasterboard, hardwood flooring, interior paint, cement floors insulation and basements. Drying time is also reduced because of our industrial rated vacuum system.

By using ENVIRO to rectify a flood situation you are ensuring that you don’t end up with long term mould, health and structural issues from incorrect drying methods.

You can rest assured that all technicians follow the IICRC S500 for quality assurance. With our leading edge drying techniques our aim is to get you back up and running as quickly possible. This minimises stress and inconvenience for your business stakeholders, you or your staff.

Biohazard contamination

All our technicians are experienced in trauma scene abatement, containment, deodorisation, and disposal of potentially infectious materials. We strictly follow the international standard set down by the IICRC S500. This standard mandates the decontamination process for individual building components. This includes carpet, plasterboard walls, content items, hard flooring, framing and built in items.

  • Norovirus and Gastro infection control
  • Sewage back flows and blood spills
  • Bird and swine flu decontamination
  • Blood and body fluid contamination

sustainable advantages

Whilst most corporates strive for sustainable and best business practice, they are often standing on a forgotten and misunderstood opportunity – the carpet their very feet stand on. Soil accumulation at the base of the carpet occurs long before it becomes visible. This will cause the carpet to ‘ugly out’ before it starts too wear out.

Failure to implement a suitable hot water extraction carpet maintenance programme will significantly reduce the lifespan of the carpet. This increases your capital investment in the long run, adds unnecessarily to land fill and jeopardises your manufacturers warranty.

ENVIRO has been awarded for its cleaning solutions the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Seal of Approval. We are also members of the Sustainability Business Network
• Save money

• Improve health of employees

• Achieve sustainability

ENVIRO has the industry’s best-trained project managers and technicians are on call 24 hours a day, every day to respond to emergencies.
• Reduce ‘down time’ caused by your flood, fire or building contamination by calling in ENVIRO