Residential Fire Restoration

The issues

Dealing with the consequences of a fire means assessing the damage to buildings and contents. That’s why you need a restoration expert on the spot who understands which items can be saved and which will need to be replaced. Very few organisations have the expertise or time to work through every item
of a claim and provide a thorough clean-up and restoration service to approved international standards.

What we can do for you

With Enviro Clean & Restoration, it’s possible to restore many items rather than throwing them out. The key is to act quickly, with the correct techniques to contain and counteract the hidden problems caused by smoke damage. Our services include advanced soot/smoke removal, water extraction, dehumidification, odour control, electronics restoration and contents cleaning. Enviro offers a ‘one-stop shop’ solution to make your life easier. For example, we itemise and photograph inventory before taking it off-site to our facilities for thorough cleaning. We can also provide storage until you’re ready to receive the items back.

The Enviro difference

All our staff are qualified as IICRC Fire and Smoke Damage Technicians. This ensures they use the correct techniques to remove smoke and fire residues, so you can be sure the item is properly restored. It’s also vital to attend to humidity control and minimise problems with corrosion to aluminium window frames and other costly items that can fail later on. Without this specialist training, an item might be returned with the superficial appearance of ‘good as new’, only to fail weeks or months later when hidden problems emerge

What our customers say

“I’ve used Enviro Clean & Restoration on a number of jobs, and have always found them to be very efficient. They’re quick to respond to calls and they use the correct techniques. As a result we can often restore property that would otherwise be thrown out.”
Jacob Karoki
Loss Adjuster, McLarens Young International