What we can do for you fire restoration

Emergency service (containment)

Pre-cleaning sensitive metal, plastic, marble, finished wood and surfaces easily discoloured by acid soot residue.

Complete deodorisation

Permanent elimination of even the most persistent odour problems.

Ceilings and walls

Cleaning with special dry-cleaning sponges, before repainting


Cleaning doors and frames, windows and frames, cabinets and vent covers.
Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of light fixtures, etc.

Appliances and electronics

Decontamination and safety inspection for electrical appliances TVs, stereos
and computers.


Dry cleaning or laundering clothing, linens, spreads, etc, with guaranteed deodourising. Includes leather, furs and formal wear.

Upholstered furniture

Hand cleaning of even the most delicate velvets, satins and silks.

Carpet cleaning

Steam extraction by certified technicians. Oriental rugs a specialty.


Removing (as required), cleaning and remounting draperies, sheers, cornice boards, swags and other window treatments.

Hard furniture

Cleaning lampshades, throw pillows, handmade or delicate items.


Cleaning and security for guns, coins, dolls and porcelain

Dishes and fine wares

Hand cleaning of china, crystal, silver and porcelain.

Art restoration

Oils, acrylic, icons and tempera. Paintings fully cleaned, restored and remounted as required. China, porcelain pottery, glass, and marble all professionally restored.