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Pricing & Standards

One of the most significant differences with Enviro is our pricing strategy. We have set prices for the activities we perform. Whether it be measured in hours, days or square metres we publish a standardised price list utilised by all branches throughout New Zealand.
Furthermore all work is performed in accordance with international industry standards for water restoration so there’s no hidden surprises for work performed outside the required scope of activities.

The ENVIRO Approach
(1) Defining the extent of the damage and targeting the exact moisture content of the building materials for drying,
(2) Provide a realistic anticipated drying time-frame to reach the specified drying objectives, and
(3) ENVIRO employ deep seal truck mounted water extraction to minimise dying times.
(4) Using leading-edge drying equipment to restore to a pre-existing condition in the shortest possible timeframe
ENVIRO own all restoration equipment and are not renting the equipment from a 3rd party, hence we are not tempted to put excessive or unnecessary equipment on the job, or to prolong the job in order to increase revenue. We guarantee that each job is undertaken professionally and to international industry standard. IICRC S500

ENVIRO Mission Statement
To provide the finest restoration services available by networking the leading restoration contractors in New Zealand
To maintain the reputation of quality, integrity, and outstanding service to the property restoration insurance industry.
To help our members build successful and profitable businesses through the highest quality of education.
To have all members maintain the highest standards and uncompromising pursuit of excellence.
To establish, maintain and provide the necessary services needed for disaster recovery through pooling of members expertise, equipment and personnel.