Insurance Resources Why Should ENVIRO Be My Supplier Of Choice?

Why Should ENVIRO be my supplier of choice?

# 1 — Reducing Water Damage Claims Loss Expense (Emergency Mitigation)
{FACT} Many losses can be dramatically reduced with fast and effective response.

Within 15 minutes from the time ENVIRO receives a loss notice, ENVIRO will call your customer to arrange for attendance.

Within two (2) hours from receiving loss notification, we’re “on site” to start mitigation services.

Within twenty (24) hours we will have a preliminary report of the loss back to the appropriate person (adjuster, claims representative, etc.)

# 2 — Reducing Smoke Damage Claims Loss Expense (Pre-testing!)
{FACT} Restoring Property is less expensive than replacing property.

As a claims professional, the rule is: “Restore whenever possible, replace only when necessary.” Yet you’ve probably had the experience of being charged for restoring an item that must be replaced. It’s an inevitable occurrence. That’s why you need to make sure pre testing is completed on every loss to determine restorability. Pre testing must be a standard emergency response procedure. The faster these decisions are made, the lower the cost of the loss. ENVIRO is an industry leader in pre testing technology. Pre testing must occur immediately to qualify restoration with the customer by identifying the following:

  • Items that are unaffected by the loss.
  • Items that can be restored.
  • Items that cannot be restored.
  • Items that need adjuster attention.

# 3 – Supplier Qualification (Professionalism)
{FACT} ENVIRO provides a network throughout New Zealand.

Why Should ENVIRO Be My Supplier Of Choice?
Upon your approval of ENVIRO as a preferred supplier, claims handling procedures will be defined to meet your specifications.

We know what you want:

  • Trained, uniformed and professional technicians.
  • Professional equipment and vehicles.
  • Quality control procedures.
  • Complete file documentation.
  • Effective communication.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Management reports.
  • Immediate response to emergency services.

# 4 — The Paperless Claim (Automation Capability)
{FACT} Paperwork wastes time and costs money. The insurance industry has a long-term objective of the “paperless claim.” How do you begin?

Dispatch and review claims, create vital management reports – all with the power of cloud based smart technology. It’s not a dream. . .it’s a reality with ENVIRO.

  • Timely response.
  • Additional savings.
  • Increased efficiency.

# 5 — Problem Resolution Assistance (When It Happens)
{FACT} Problems happen! They’re part of claims management.
The key to problem resolution is to react quickly and solve the problem. ENVIRO provides highly trained customer service representatives that understand your needs. Problems do happen, but ENVIRO helps solve the issues as quickly as they arise. We’ll work toward a solution together.

  • Effective vendor training. . .Anticipation.
  • File documentation. . .An audit trail.
  • Field supervision. . .Local assistance.
  • Corporate supervision. . .National assistance.

# 6 — Reduce Adjusting Expense (Claim File Priority)
{FACT} The important claim files aren’t always immediately identified.
Twenty percent of your claim files may comprise 80% of your risk. With emergency mitigation and loss qualification, your adjustment professionals will have more time to spend on the important files. Utilizing ENVIRO to be your eyes and ears through early response via our emergency service will:

  • Immediately identify the status of claims.
  • Eliminate unnecessary adjuster time on small claims.
  • Free up your adjusters to concentrate on priority claims.
  • Speed up closing of files.
  • Lower claim payouts.

# 7 — Training gets results (Consistency)
Adjuster Restoration Training (ART) provides a foundation of knowledge enabling adjusters to understand, qualify and communicate more effectively with restoration vendors. Adjusters are given guidelines of when to restore and when to replace structure and contents, therefore lowering adjusting and property claims loss expense.

# 8 – Not a supplier (No Conflict Policy)
If you’re looking for a company that has one aim, ENVIRO is the one! We aim to restore the property to a pre-loss condition. Because we are not a building company or flooring retailer, we set out to restore the items affected by the loss. If this is not possible, our staff will then recommend further options which may include replacement by a 3rd party supplier.
ENVIRO…..No One Even Comes Close!