Commercial Education Sector

•Save money so the budget goes further

•Reduce absentee days

•Improve the health of teachers and children

•Improve the learning environment

•Avoid costly mistakes and reduce risk in the carpet cleaning process


Money is put back into the budget by increasing the life of your carpet and upholstery so that you have to spend less money replacing it.

This is achieved through us removing dirt and contaminants more effectively with our commercial truck mounted equipment. Simply cleaning the carpet with out this equipment doesn’t achieve long term investment protection.

Save money by applying carpet and upholstery protection that creates an invisible barrier repelling dirt and extending the life of the carpet and upholstery.

Case Study: A school purchased 480 metres of carpet at a cost of $67,200 less installation. The carpet should have lasted 12 years but the carpets useful life was finished after 2 years and the school lost $56,000. (Ref CRI)

Health Benefits

Reduce the absentee days of teachers and children through improving the health of your teachers and kids by our truck mounted equipment removing dust mites that cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions. Our cleaning also removes bacteria and the influenza virus.

Healthy environments have been shown to improve children’s learning.


Meet your environmentally friendly goals and sustainable operation practices through:

  • Our biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • Using our own power source
  • Exhausting all waste outside your buildings
  • Our trucks produce continuous hot water above 80OC

What else can enviro do for you

If you have a flooded classroom or building then we can get you back up and running and maintain the safety of everyone and the environment involved.

If you have stains and accidents beyond daily cleaning such as sewage back flows or blood spills we offer a 24 hour service to return your environment back to a safe and normal state

Lets get in touch and make a difference for your school