Residential Blood & Biohazard

After an injury or death we specialize in biohazard restoration in your home or business, alleviating families and/or employees from this horrendous chore, and potentially dangerous task.

Knowing first hand the emotional turmoil we are aware and concerned about any health risks to building occupants.

ENVIRO is an elite specialty restoration company that addresses this critical issue of biohazard abatement. Today there are Laws and Regulations in place for handling and disposing biohazard and medical waste, which are potentially infectious agents. All our technicians are experienced and trained in trauma scene abatement, containment, deodorization and disposal of potentially infectious materials. To maintain the highest level of service, our technicians take continuous training courses.

State of the art professional restoration equipment and EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants are used to properly sanitize the affected area. Full body personal protective equipment is used by all the technician during the remediation.

Upon arrival the area is evaluated, walk off and safe areas are prepared.

If the loss is covered by an insurance policy we can arrange direct billing and claim management with your insurer.