Carpet, Hard Flooring & Upholstery Maintenance

The issues

Carpets are easily taken for granted, yet a proper cleaning schedule could add years to their life and save large sums from your office budget. Better still, you will enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier workplace for staff and visitors alike. Regular cleaning with modern equipment removes ingrained contaminants such as bacteria and fungi. These can otherwise build up and create a health hazard, resulting in more sick days and lower productivity – not to mention an unhappy workforce. The key is to use the right equipment and techniques to remove dirt and harmful residues so your organisation looks great and reaps the rewards of a healthier indoor environment.

What we can do for you

First, we inspect your site. Areas of heavy wear and soiling are noted, and a customised maintenance schedule for all carpeted spaces is prepared. When it’s time for carpet maintenance, the Enviro Clean & Restoration team will arrive with an advanced cleaning system that uses super-heated water and an emulsifier to extract dirt and debris at the molecular level. A powerful truckmounted vacuum extracts the dirty water and removes it for safe disposal away from your premises. The system then quickly dries the pile, so you can start using the space again.

The result is a carpet that’s clean all the way to the base of the fibre, with no traces of abrasive soil left behind to cause wear and tear.

We also offer a comprehensive service for upholstery, tiles and vinyl flooring.


The Enviro difference

Our techniques avoid mechanical scrubbing or dry chemicals that risk damaging the pile or leaving a residue behind. These can leave trapped dirt and contaminants that linger in the building, creating a health hazard for the occupants. By contrast, regular cleaning by Enviro maintains your carpets as a healthy and attractive asset.

What our customers say

I know I can rely on their professionalism. There’s a quick turnaround when Enviro come in for a job, with the minimum of disruption to our business.
Paresh Hira
Repairs & Maintenance Manager
ASB Property