What we can do for you carpet cleaning

Carpet repairs

Open seams, ripples and worn areas are not only unsightly, but also unsafe. To avoid trip and fall accidents, our qualified technicians can correct these problems in your workplace.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstered items require the same care and attention as flooring, so Enviro offers a comprehensive service for all fabric types. After inspecting the fabric our technicians will determine the best method to use.

Fabric protection

Protect carpet and fabrics from the build-up of dirt and common food or beverage spills. Our fabric protection technology makes it easier to clean and vacuum these items.

Cubicle panels and wall fabric

These can hold as much dirt and dust as your carpets. Have them cleaned regularly, and they will act as filters and not a source of contaminants.

Anti-static treatment

This disperses electrical charge build-up and eliminates static without contributing to the resoiling of carpets. Safe on wool.

Vinyl flooring

We can strip seal and polish your vinyl flooring to provide a matt or gloss finish that creates a protective layer. Left unattended, soiling acts as an abrasive and permanently damages the vinyl. We only use products recommended by the manufacturers of each brand of vinyl.

Ceramic tiles

Tiles and grout are porous, which leads to soiling over time. Our portable scrubbers drive out dirt so your tiled areas come out looking like new. We can also seal tiles for easier maintenance.

Pest treatment

Our technicians can safely control carpet beetles, fleas, silverfish and cockroaches. The products used are rapidly broken down in the environment to non-toxic metabolites. To avoid reinfestation we recommend an integrated prevention approach, where we control pests as part of routine carpet maintenance.