Sustainable business practices in a changing world

Understanding and adopting sustainable business practices requires a new awareness of the world. It requires a deeper understanding of how the Earth works, and how man’s processes affect nature’s delicate balance. Sustainability involves thinking broadly about social, economic and
environmental objectives.
It includes an expectation that the present generation will meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Environmental sustainability means ensuring that our environment is healthy and can continue to support New Zealanders’ quality of life and our natural resource-based economy.

Five steps towards sustainability that will deliver your company’s sustainability objectives, save money and improve organisational efficiency are:

  1. Switch off when not in use
  2. Green your office stationery
  3. Recycle all that you can
  4. Choose greener and safer cleaning products
  5. Choose energy efficient equipment and appliances

Source: NZ Ministry of Economic Development.

Enviro Clean and Restoration delivers clients sustainable benefits

Enviro Clean and Restoration’s core services such as carpet maintenance programs, flood restoration and biohazard decontamination all enable its clients to reduce their carbon footprints.

This is achieved for clients by Enviro Clean and Restoration in the following ways:

  • Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and independently certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute and part of the Green Seal Approval program. Our cleaning solutions actually protect the appearance and enhances performance of the carpet
  • We provide restorative expertise and processes that reduce landfill waste, liquid waste is filtered several times before being disposed
  • We use equipment that uses its own power source and water, therefore reducing the use of valuable natural resources
  • We operate using a paperless administration and job management process
  • We recycle consumables used internally and externally on job sites and wherever possible use consumables made from recycled materials

A case study

A large trading bank implements a carpet maintenance program and by doing so captures the advantage of using a sustainable property management approach. The bank puts in place with Enviro Clean and Restoration a comprehensive carpet maintenance program prolonging the life of the carpet, reducing its carbon footprint and improving the work environment.

The carpet maintenance program designed with the bank has an immediate effect on the amount of carpet being returned to landfills. Enviro Clean and restoration assists the bank in partnering with a carpet supplier who also offers a zero waste strategy. Therefore any renewing of carpet where necessary for such reasons as repairs will further contribute to the bank’s sustainability goals.

In addition to postponing the purchase of carpet, carpet glues used in new installations will be reduced. The banks carbon footprint is reduced through the reduction in freight, transport and additional natural resources drawn upon in a premature refurbishment project. The bank makes considerable cost savings in relation to new carpet, transport, project and labour costs that would be involved in refurbishment.

Additional reduction in the carbon footprint and additional cost saving is gained through air conditioning filters holding reduced soil and contaminates, this in turn requires less replacement and the load placed on the air handling system which reduces power consumption. With the use of Enviro Clean and Restoration’s specific cleaning solutions and processes there is a reduced rate of illness amongst employees and allergic reactions.

Enviro Clean and Restoration leads the industry in sustainability

As members of the New Zealand Sustainable Network sustainability is central to the philosophy and business objectives of Enviro Clean and Restoration. Sustainability is an ongoing process.
At Enviro Clean and Restoration we firstly identified and understood the environmental and social issues in relation to our business. The next step involved creating a business case for sustainability improvement options and gaining buy-in from key stakeholders (suppliers and staff). As our commitment to sustainability is constantly growing and changing, policies, procedures and structure are continually being implemented.

Enviro Clean and Restoration became the first company outside of North America to be awarded the Carpet and Rug Institutes Green qualification called the ‘Seal of Approval program. The CRI recognises cleaning products, vacuum cleaners and deep cleaning extractors and systems that deliver sustainable benefits. Enviro Clean and Restoration were awarded the Gold Seal Rating for the type of cleaning systems we use, this being the highest category available.