Residential Stain Removal

Spot & Stain Removal
Here are some tips to help you remove spots and stains:

There are hundreds of home remedies. Some will do a fair job, however, may set the spot. By calling an Enviroprofessional, you won’t be gambling with the look of your furnishings.

The Right Stain Removal Techniques
Stains can make a carpet appear more soiled than it really is, so no carpet cleaning method is complete unless all removable stains have disappeared. A basic knowledge of different stains and chemicals for spot cleaning and removal is vital, since improper or indiscriminate use of spotting chemicals can worsen a problem.

Helpful Tips on Spot Cleaning
Always blot or scrape up as much material as possible before is soaks into the carpet.

For blotting liquids, use white paper towels or tissues. You might use a cloth but it is less desirable. If used too long, the matter soaked into the cloth will redeposit into the fibres and spread the stain.

For scraping solid matter, use a table knife. Never use a sharp instrument.
Do not allow solvent-based products to penetrate to the backing. They might damage and soften the latex compounds used to strengthen the carpet backing.
Follow the 5 Steps

Step One –
SCOOP up solids before cleaning.
Step Two –
BLOT as much liquid as possible using clean white towelling or paper towel.
Step Three –
CLEAN – Click this link to go to the recommended Spot Removal Chart.Apply spot removal agent/s to clean towel. Do not apply directly to carpet.
Step Four –
RINSE with cold water or lukewarm water only.
Warning: Do not saturate.
Step Five –
BLOT DRY with absorbent material such as paper towelling or use cold air fan to complete drying.
CAUTION: Rubbing or scrubbing will cause permanent pile distortion.