Residential Mould Remediation

The issues

New Zealand’s climate, combined with shortfalls in some construction techniques, has created a paradise for mould in buildings. Whether it’s caused by leaky buildings, a humid environment, sewer back-flows, plumbing failures or flooding, the result is a serious health hazard.
International scientific research has documented the health problems linked to mould – including respiratory tract infections, allergic responses, headaches, fatigue and sore throats. Apart from the human suffering, the knock-on effects include lost productivity as occupants succumb to avoidable ailments and buildings have to be declared off-limits.

Reference document: IICRC S520 Standard & Reference Guide for Professional Mould Remediation

What we can do for you

The first step is correct diagnosis. ENVIRO offer an initial inspection which includes advance moisture detection, thermal imaging and surface and air sampling for laboratory analysis. Based on the lab analysis results a report is furnished to the customer identifying the type of mould whether is toxigenic or non-toxic actively growing and what the various spore counts are within the air.
After thoroughly investigating the area of contamination, we then contain the contaminated area creating a critical barrier wherein contamination can be remediated within a negative air zone, reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
We then introduce specialised airflow equipment that ensures mould spores are contained and the job is completed in the most efficient way.
Mould is remediated by either cleaning or removing the contaminated materials.
Finally we determine the correct drying method for the situation and specify the most appropriate drying equipment. The last stage is a rigorous programme of lab clearance testing.
ENVIRO will supply a clearance certication when remidation has been completed.

The Enviro difference

Our expertise extends to an in-depth knowledge of mould spores and their associated challenges. Our employees are internationally qualified as IAQA and IICRC Certified restorers, so they will use the correct procedures to remove contamination and prevent it returning.
Enviro uses high capacity equipment with the power to quickly remediate and dry out even the largest areas. Beware of operators who turn up with inadequate equipment that has the potential to spread contamination further in the indoor environment.

What our customers say

It’s always a pleasure to deal with Enviro. Their operators respond quickly and they’re very knowledgeable about mould problems. They turn up when you need them and they’re happy to work with our staff to pass on their expertise. All in all, an excellent service.
Roger Crichton
Contracts Manager, Reconstruct Ltd