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Local & National Preferred Supplier Programs

To provide better service to their insured, many insurance companies are looking for creative solutions involving the around-the-clock availability of pre-qualified, licensed contractors specializing in emergency services and insurance restoration, who will guarantee their work. As part of this effort, some insurance companies offer “internally managed” repair programs, while others prefer to utilize the services of a “third-party administrator.”

ENVIRO has responded by establishing a “Preferred Program Division” within our company. This division is dedicated to working with Managed or Guaranteed Repair Programs and is involved in some or all of the following:

  • Specific estimating systems and/or pricing databases
  • Electronically transmitting estimates and/or photos for the loss
  • Responding within strict time frames
  • Communicating by telephone with adjusters who may be in remote claim centres
  • Updating cloud based systems for loss tracking purposes and documentation
  • Tracking of customer satisfaction levels

ENVIRO strive to work with both the insured and the insurance company to quickly restore damaged property — and you can rest assured knowing all ENVIRO work is fully guaranteed.

Supplier Programs are based on a “partnering” relationship with the vendor to assist in handling claims. These programs may start out as a voluntary guideline for use by field adjusters or may be as extensive as a contractual agreement with the company. The primary goals of a supplier program should be based on the following:

  • Ensuring the highest quality service to the policyholder.
  • Ensuring contactors are operating professionally, safely and lawfully and in a way that properly represents your company.
  • Lowering claims adjusting expense.
  • Ensuring faster and more effective restoration response.
  • Lowering unneeded replacement costs.

Implementation of supplier programs depends on the structure of your claims organization, financial considerations and personnel utilisation. Suppliers should be chosen based on restoration capability, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. The benefits of a Supplier Program include the following:

  • Faster response for better customer service.
  • Minimise additional damage to lower cost of the claim.
  • Qualifies customer expectations.
  • Saves adjusting on nuisance claims.
  • Allows adjuster to focus on high priority cases

ENVIRO offers Training Programs, which offer in-depth information about the restoration industry. Many courses exist dealing with scooping and construction, but few deal directly with restoration practices. ENVIRO programs will provide you with knowledge that can be used to understand, qualify and communicate more effectively with restoration vendors.

Finally, our programs give adjusters a foundation on which to base decisions about when to restore and when to replace structure and contents. You must define the specific guidelines and performance criteria that meet the objectives of your company. The burden to implement your requirements rests on the shoulders of the restoration vendor.

Let ENVIRO show you how to use supplier programs that will get the results you want.