Disaster Response Unit

When you suffer a loss, you only need one phone
number for all your disaster recovery needs.
Because ENVIRO specialises in all disaster recovery services.

Your call will immediately mobilise our Emergency Response Team,
deploying trained personnel and equipment with tactical precision.
Emergencies are business as usual for ENVIRO.

Our Emergency Disaster Response vehicle is capable of being deployed at any location in New Zealand to assist in any disaster situation.

The emergency response truck is fitted out with purpose built storage to carry tools and equipment required in large scale flooding, fires and other types of situations. The vehicle is also designed to carry large scale equipment and large volumes of equipment which are often needed in disaster situations, in fact with everything you can imagine would be required to run a remote command centre.

Enviro Clean & Restoration’s Emergency Disaster Response unit can be activated with one phone call to our National 24 by 7 call centre answered by an Enviro Clean & Restoration staff member.