Insurance Resources Restoration not Replacement

In every water fire and smoke damage situation, insured’s and insurance companies have but three alternatives that relate to the restoration of any item. Each of these alternatives, or options, becomes progressively more complicated and costly. These basic alternatives are: Cleaning & Restoration, Resurfacing, and finally Replacement.

Cleaning & Restoration means to remove the soil (soot, smoke), water, or any form of contamination that’s foreign to the construction of the fabric or surface on which a technician is working. Cleaning is the least expensive option for the insurance company that provides the funds for restoration, or for insured’s who may be paying all or a portion of the restoration cost, or if there is inadequate coverage.

Like cleaning, drying of carpet, contents and structure is not subject to depreciation and is usually the most cost effective and quickest method to reinstate the area effective to a pre loss position.

In short, professional cleaning & restoration services are the best bargain available for all parties in a normal restoration situation.