Residential Carpet Cleaning

With proper regular care, you can add years of life to your carpet and help to retain its original appearance. The most important thing you can do is vacuum thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high traffic areas.

Vacuuming helps remove dirt particles, which abrade the carpet and dull the appearance.

For best results, use a vacuum cleaner with beater bars and good suction.

Keep bags, filters, and recovery tanks clean.

What will Professional Cleaning Do?

Soiling is a build-up of soil particles and oily materials that cling to the carpet fibres and dull their beauty. In time, foot traffic drives the soil particles deep into the carpet. When this condition cannot be corrected with vacuuming, it’s time to have your carpet cleaned by a trained professional.

How often you’ll need professional cleaning depends on soil build-up, traffic, type and colour of carpeting. A good rule-of-thumb would be to professionally clean your carpet every 12 months.

ENVIRO knows the latest in carpet construction, chemicals, and safe, effective cleaning methods to help maintain carpet beauty.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Program Routinely Includes:


Before starting the cleaning process, the carpet is thoroughly inspected, paying close attention to any special concern areas.


Specially formulated preconditioning agents that work much the same as a laundry pre soak, are applied to traffic areas to lubricate and break down soils and oils to assure maximum soil removal.


Special cleaning solutions are applied to stubborn spots to assist in their removal when possible, during the regular cleaning process.


We will move furniture during cleaning. Some items such as pianos and china cabinets cannot be moved. Your furniture will be protected from residual moisture by blocks and tabs.


(“STEAM CLEANING”) – Truck mounted cleaning equipment will be used whenever possible to assure maximum soil removal and minimum drying time.


Before leaving you home or office, the carpet is thoroughly inspected to insure your satisfaction. Any remaining stubborn spots will be retreated.


A professional brush or comb will be used to assist in restoring the fluffy and nap set of the carpet pile. This also assists in drying and gives the carpet a groomed, finished look.

Other Services Available

    • Smoke and Fire Restoration
    • Water Restoration & Dehumidification
    • Deodorizing & Sanitising
    • Hard Floor Cleaning & Finishing
    • Carpet and Fabric Treatment
    • Anti Static Treatment
    • Flea & Carpet Beetle Treatment

If you have ANY questions about how to clean and maintain your carpets, or upholstery, give ENVIRO a call. We can tell you what you need to know!

The Benefits or Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

The first steps.

We’ll come out and assess your carpets noting areas of consistent lit wear and soil. Then we’ll develop a customised floor plan to categorise these areas. This map then forms the basis of a customised carpet
maintenance programme that assists us in managing your carpet.

Advanced equipment – high performance.

Our methods of cleaning have been developed to be efficient, safe and thorough. We use advanced equipment that delivers super heated water and an emulsifier to remove dirt and debris at the molecular level. Truck mounted vacuums extract dirt and water making the carpet dry quickly. Once completed, the carpet’s decontaminated and clean all the way to the base of the fibre.

We’ve developed this way of cleaning because methods such as using a mechanical scrubbing action and dry carbonated method can leave chemicals behind. Rotary brushes can also cause carpet pile distortion and remove only the surface dirt. Our methods ensure a quality clean every time.

We’re experts in our field.

As foundation members of the Carpet Cleaners Association we understand the best way to clean carpets. We also know how to deliver a superior service at a competitive price. With our national network and 24 hour alert service we can cater to clients anytime, all around New Zealand.

“We have been a satisfied customer of Enviro’s for over eleven years. They utilise advanced cleaning equipment and processes that have combined to greatly extend the life of our carpet. After eleven years it looks like new!”

– Fiona McConchie, Administration Manager, American Express.