Residential Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean all fabric types, including leather upholstery. After inspecting the fabric our technicians will determine the best method of cleaning to use.

Fabric Protection.

This ensures protection from build up of soil and common food and beverage spills on your carpet and upholstery. Fabric protection makes it easier to clean and vacuum these areas.

Cubicle Panels and Wall Fabric.

These need to be cleaned regularly as they can hold as much dirt and dust as your carpet. If kept clean, they can act as filters and not a source of contaminants.

Vinyl Flooring.

We use the most advanced equipment and experience to strip, seal and polish your vinyl flooring. We can give the floor a high shine or matt finish and only use products recommended by the manufacturer for each brand of vinyl.

Anti Static Treatment.

Designed to disperse electrical charge build-up and eliminate static without contributing to the resoiling of carpets. Safe on wool.